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Graduate student Meng Sun captured this photograph of a Geminid meteor over the Chris Green Lake Park outside of Charlottesville on 14 December 2014. Also visible is the constellation of Orion and the Great Nebula in Orion seen as a fuzzy patch near the center of this image.

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20 January 2015
Undergraduate Catherine Zucker presented her research on Galactic "bones", thin dense clouds of gas in the Milky Way, at the January 2015 American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle. Her research was recently spotlighted in this article, check it out!

7 January 2015
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) recently released one of the largest databases in the history of astronomy, SDSS-III. Included in the data release was the data from APOGEE, the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment, a survey led by UVA Professor Steve Majewski using a high-resolution, infrared spectrograph built at UVA by a team led by UVA Senior Scientist John Wilson. Check out the full announcement on the SDSS website or this UVAToday article.

5 November 2014
Postdoctoral Research Associate Sabrina Stierwalt has been awarded the L'Oreal USA For Women in Science Fellowship in recognition of her exceptional intellectual merit, potential for scientific advancement, and commitment to supporting women and girls in science. The grant will allow her to continue her work here at UVa on interacting dwarf galaxies with Professor Kelsey Johnson. Five fellows were chosen from over 650 applicants across all science disciplines, and Stierwalt is the first astronomer to be selected in the program's 11 year history! For more info, check out this article in PR News or this UVAToday article.

15 October 2014
Research Associate Professor Anne Verbiscer is working with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) discovery team to plan the next stop for the New Horizons spacecraft after it passes by Pluto. Professor Verbiscer helped search HST images (by eye) for a KBO to explore as New Horizons moves through the outermost parts of the Solar System. The target found by Professor Verbiscer and the rest of the team is designated "PT1" for "Potential Target 1." PT1 is probably about 30 to 45 kilometers in diameter at a distance of 6.5 billion kilometers from the Sun! The picture below shows Professor Verbiscer (second from right) with other team members: Marc Buie, Alex Parker, John Spencer, Cathy Olkin, and Simon Porter. For more information, check out this HST Press Release or this article by Emilky Lakdawalla.

03 October 2014
Associate Dean and Professor John Hawley has been awarded the UVA Distinguished Scientist Award by the Vice President for Research. The award cites John's work on computational astrophysics and accretion, and his discovery of the magneto-rotational instability with Steve Balbus. He is also cited for his teaching and service to the university.

17 September 2014
Associate Dean and Professor John Hawley has been appointed as the John Downman Hamilton Professor of Astronomy, a chair previously occupied by Professor Emeritus Larry Fredrick and Professor Emeritus Bob O'Connell.

24 August 2014
Graduate students Kim Sokal and Sandy Liss were published in the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Mercury Magazine with their article describing the triumphs of our very own Dark Skies, Bright Kids!

12 July 2014
The International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center recently released the new naming designations for several asteroids. Among the new designations are asteroids named (9727) Skrutskie, named after UVa Astronomy Professor Mike Skrutskie, (9726) Verbiscer, named after UVa Astronomy Research Associate Professor Anne Verbiscer, and (152985) Kenkellermann, named after NRAO Scientist and UVa Astronomy Visiting Faculty member Ken Kellermann.

17 June 2014
Postdoctoral Associate Tobias Fritz, along with department collaborators Nitya Kallivayalil, Steve Majewski, Rachael Beaton, and Guillermo Damke, has been awarded a Long and Large Program on the Gemini South telescope. They will be using adaptive optics techniques to measure the motions of a large sample of stars in the halo of the Milky Way.

23 May 2014
Dr. Sabrina Stierwalt was awarded the Jefferson Cup for her presentation, "Disturbed Gas and Enhanced Star Formation in Interacting Dwarf Galaxies," at the 2014 UVa Postoctoral Research Day Symposium.

23 April 2014
Graduate students Sandy Liss, Brian Prager, Kim Sokal, and Jake Turner were each awarded grants from the Virginia Space Grant Consortium.

16 April 2014
Professor Trinh Thuan was decreed chevalier of the National Order of the French Legion of Honor by the French President, François Hollande, in recognition of his "exemplary personal commitment to the promotion of scientific culture and the transatlantic collaboration in the field of astrophysics.” For more information check out this UVa Today article or listen to his interview on this radio broadcast.

15 April 2014
Associate Professor Kelsey Johnson was awarded the UVa Distinguished Research Career Development Award by the UVa Vice President for Research. She is one of two newly tenured faculty at UVa to win this award. More information can be found in this UVa Today article.

02 April 2014
Graduate Student Sandy Liss and Undergraduate Student Catherine Zucker were jointly awarded a 2014 Double Hoo Research Grant from UVa. From the Double Hoo website: "The Double Hoo Research Grant supports pairs of undergraduate and graduate scholars seeking to pursue joint research projects. The award is intended to encourage collaborative interaction between the undergraduate and graduate communities at the University."

01 April 2014
Graduate Student Sandy Liss was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

21 March 2014
Associate Professor Ed Murphy has been honored with the UVa Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award, one of the most prestigious teaching awards that the University offers.

20 March 2014
Undergraduate student Catherine Zucker is featured in an article showcasing her research on the "rise of American astronomy before the Civil War."

19 March 2014
Graduate students Jake Turner and Trey Wenger were awarded Huskey Scholarships for their presentations at the 2014 Huskey Research Exhibition.

27 February 2014
SDSS-III Project APOGEE-1, led by UVa Professor Steve Majewski, completes observations for 100,000 stars in the Milky Way.

18 February 2014
NASA press release: Assistant Professor Nitya Kallivayalil measures the proper motion rotation of the Large Magellanic Cloud with the Hubble Space Telescope.

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