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Blue Ridge
Earth Science Collaborative

Geology of Virginia

Summer 2014

University of Virginia
James Madison University


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Summer 2014 Geology of Virginia Course

July 7-11 and July 21-25, 2014, Harrisonburg

NEW: The Geology Course for summer 2014 is full.

The Blue ridge Earth Science Collaborative will be offering an geology course for high school and middle school teachers from July 7-11 PLUS July 21-25, 2014 at James Madison University in Harrisonburg. Follow this link to register for the course.

Workshop Description
  • Geology of Virginia is a course for high school and middle school teachers
    • You should have completed a course in physical geology or a similar course before taking this course
  • The course will run from July 7-11 PLUS July 21-25 at James Madison University in Harrisonburg
    • You must attend both weeks
  • There will be multiple field trips during the course
  • In the course, you will develop new knowledge and skills that will help you more effectively address the Virginia Standards of Learning related to geology and the nature of science
  • The course includes
    • Inquiry-based classes on geology
    • Instruction on innovative methods for teaching geology
    • Time for developing your lesson plans
    • Hands-on field work
  • Eric Pyle, James Madison University
    • email: pyleej@jmu.edu
    • Phone: (540) 568-7115
    • Eric is an associate professor in Geology and Environmental Science at James Madison University where he leads the Earth Science Education effort.
  • Lynn Fichter, James Madison University
    • email: fichtels@jmu.edu
    • Phone: (540) 568-6531
    • Lynn is a professor of Geology at James Madison University.
  • You will receive 3 graduate credit hours for Geology of Virginia
  • You will receive a textbook and other materials for teaching geology
  • Multiple field trips for hands-on field work
  • Free housing at a local hotel for teachers that cannot commute each day (double occupancy)
    • If you prefer a single room, the grant will cover 1/2 of the cost (cost to you is about $45 per night for a single).
  • Modest stipend for food
  • Attend all daily sessions, including the field trips
  • Complete all assignments and activities
  • Thanks to funding from an Improving Teacher Quality State Grant, teachers are required to pay a reduced tuition of only $150 for the course. This is approximately 1/5 of the cost of full tuition.
  • Please check with your school division on reimbursement policies for professional development courses. Your school division may cover some, or all, of the cost.


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Funds for this project were provided by a grant from the federal Improving Teacher Quality State Grants (Title II, Part A) Professional Development Program administered by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Additional support comes from the University of Virginia College of Arts and Sciences, the Curry School of Education, the Center for the Liberal Arts, and the Friends of the Leander McCormick Observatory.

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