Teaching Scientific Inquiry and
the Nature of Science
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We hope to optain funding to run multiple sections of the Teaching Scientific Inquiry and the Nature of Science in YOUR Classroom in the summer of 2012.

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Please rank your need for professional development (PD) in the following areas on a scale of 1 (I have a great need for PD in this area) to 5 (I do not need PD in this area):

Understanding of the nature of science concepts most appropriate for middle school students.
Activities and instructional approaches most effective for teaching the nature of science.
Ability to assess students' understandings of the nature of science.
Understanding of the scientific inquiry concepts most appropriate for middle school students.
Ability to plan and implement science lessons using an inquiry approach.
Ability to scaffold inquiry to address different learners' needs.
Ability to assess activities in regard to their level of inquiry.

What classes and for what grades do you currently teach?

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Funds for this project were provided by a grant from the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Title II, Part A, Improving Teacher Quality State Grants administered by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia