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Summer 2012 Workshop

The Summer 2012 workshop is full. If you fill out the application, we will put you on a list to hear about future opportunities.


Please fill in appropriate information and answer all questions in the fields provided and then hit the SUBMIT button to send your application to the workshop coordinators. You will be able to view and print your application responses after you hit SUBMIT.

Please do not apply for the course unless you can commit to attending all five days of the workshop, July 30- August 3, including evening sessions on July 30, August 1, August 2.

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Teaching Experience

What classes and for what grades do you currently teach?

What classes have you taught in the past that you do not teach now?

Briefly describe any astronomy experience that you have. Prior astronomy experience is not required, many of the participants will not have any astronomy experience.

Personal Statement

In 1-2 brief paragraphs, please describe your reasons for participating in this class.
(This textbox area will scroll down if you need more room to type in your statement.)

Additional Information

Where did you hear about our workshop? (brochure from science coordinator, word of mouth, Curry School of Education, UVa website, etc...). This information will help us plan future events!

We have arranged housing, double occupancy, in Charlottesville for July 9-13. There will be no charge for the room and a small stipend will be provided to cover the cost of travel and food. If you prefer single occupancy, you may upgrade to a single room at a cost of about $48 per night.

Will you need a room for the workshop?

YES, I will need housing as I cannot commute each day and would prefer double occupancy (no charge for housing)

YES, I will need housing as I cannot commute each day and would prefer single occupancy (extra charge of about $48 per night for four nights)

NO, I will not need housing as I am able to commute each day

Thank you for applying to the Space Science for Teachers class!

To finish the application process, please hit the SUBMIT button below. Upon submission, you will view and print your responses in a new webpage. You do not need to mail this to us, it is for your records.

Once the workshop coordinators view your application, you will recieve an email confirmation and information on when we will be notifying applicants of their acceptance.

Please click the SUBMIT button below once you are ready to send your application.


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