Accretion into Black Holes - SF models

(from SF0 3D) 

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This page contains links to the various mpegs that were produced using the GRMHD code to study the accretion of magnetized gas into black holes via the Magneto-rotational Instability (MRI). 
Initial torus configuration is the (axisymmetric) constant-l torus of Hawley, Smarr and Wilson (1984). Initial magnetic field configuration is poloidal loops, with beta=100. We designate these the SF models since the pressure maximum lies near the strong field (gravitational) region of the black hole. 
The three sets of movies linked in the left margin show animations at 30 frames per orbit, following 10 orbits (at pressure maximum) of the evolution of a magnetized torus orbiting a black hole. The 3D views are animations of gas density (linear scale - red maximum, blue minimum). The 2D views are animations of gas density and magnetic pressure (log scale, four decades). 2D view A is a plot of two slices through the data volume: left panel: density polar slice at phi=0, right panel: density in equatorial plane. 2D view B shows polar slices of density (left) and magnetic pressure (right) at phi=0. The MRI is triggered after ~3 orbits, following a violent transient. 


NOTE: These are direct animations in the Boyer-Lindquist coordinate system. Fully ray-traced images are "in the works". Also note that these mpegs are compressed from several GB of data... loss of image quality is inevitable.

SF0 - Torus and Schwarzschild Black Hole

Density scale is set to late stages, when MRI is established. In view B, note the relation between low density bubbles and regions of high magnetic pressure.

SFP - Prograde Torus and Kerr Black Hole

Density scale is set to initial density.

SFR - Retrograde Torus and Kerr Black Hole

Density scale is set to late stages, as in SF0. Note the effect of retrograde rotation on inspiral of gas.


Basic Physical Parameters
event horizon
2.0 M
1.43 M
1.0 M
marginally stable orbit (rms)
6.0 M
2.32 M
9.0 M
torus pressure max (rPmax)
15.3 M
15.4 M
15.8 M
orbital period (Torb) at rPmax
376 M
387 M
388 M