The OBJ_CLASS function returns the name of the class or superclasses of its argument, as a string. If the supplied argument is not an object, a null string is returned.

Calling Sequence

Result = OBJ_CLASS( Arg )



A scalar object reference or string variable for which the object class name is desired. If Arg is an object reference, it's object class definition is used. If Arg is a string, it is taken to be the name of the class for which information is desired. Passing a string argument is primarily useful in conjunction with the SUPERCLASS keyword.



Set this keyword equal to a named variable that will contain the number of names returned by OBJ_CLASS. It can be used to determine how many superclasses a class has when the SUPERCLASS keyword is specified.


Set this keyword to cause OBJ_CLASS to return the names of the object's direct superclasses as a string array, one element per superclass. The superclasses are ordered in the order they appear in the class structure declaration. In the case where the class has no superclasses, a scalar null string is returned, and the COUNT keyword (if specified) returns the value 0.