The READ_XWD function reads the contents of a file created by the xwd (X Windows Dump) command and returns the image and color table vectors in the form of IDL variables. READ_XWD returns a 2D byte array containing the image. If the file cannot be open or read, the return value is zero.

Note: this function is intended to be used only on files containing 8-bit pixmaps created with xwd version 6 or later.

This routine is written in the IDL language. Its source code can be found in the file in the lib subdirectory of the IDL distribution.

Calling Sequence

Result = READ_XWD( Filename[, R, G, B] )



A scalar string specifying the full pathname of the XWD file to read.

R, G, B

Named variables that will contain the Red, Green, and Blue color vectors, if the XWD file contains color tables.


To open and read the X Windows Dump file named my.xwd in the current directory, store the image in the variable image1 , and store the color vectors in the variables, R , G , and B , enter:

image1 = READ_XWD('my.xwd', R, G, B)

To load the new color table and display the image, enter:


TV, image1

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