The TAPWRT procedure writes data from the Array parameter to the selected tape unit. TAPWRT is available only under VMS. One physical record containing the same number of bytes as the array is written each time TAPWRT is called. The parameters and usage are identical to those in the TAPRD procedure with the exception that here the Array parameter can be an expression. Consult the TAPRD procedure for details. See the description of the magnetic tape routines in VMS-Specific Information .

Calling Sequence

TAPWRT, Array, Unit [, Byte_Reverse]



The magnetic tape unit to write. This argument must be a number between 0 and 9, and should not be confused with standard file Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs).


The expression representing the data to be output. The length of Array and the records on the tape can range from 14 bytes to 65,235 bytes.


If this parameter is present, the even and odd numbered bytes are swapped on output, regardless of the type of data or variables. This enables writing tapes that are compatible with other machines.

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