The DIALOG_PRINTERSETUP function opens a native dialog for setting the applicable properties for a particular printer.

DIALOG_PRINTERSETUP returns a nonzero value if the user pressed the "OK" button in the dialog, or zero otherwise. You can use the result of this function to programmatically begin printing.

Calling Sequence

Result = DIALOG_PRINTERSETUP([PrintDestination])



An instance of the IDLgrPrinter object for which setup properties are to be set. If no PrintDestination is specified, the printer used by the IDL Direct Graphics printer device is modified.



Set this keyword to the widget ID of a widget to be used as the parent of this dialog.


Set this keyword equal to a string indicating the name of the X Windows display on which the dialog is to appear. This keyword is ignored if the DIALOG_PARENT keyword is specified. This keyword is also ignored on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh platforms.


Set this keyword equal to a string containing an X Window System resource name to be applied to the dialog.


Set this keyword equal to a string to be displayed on the dialog frame. This keyword is ignored on Windows and Macintosh platforms.

See Also

DIALOG_PRINTJOB , The Printer Device