The LIVE_DESTROY procedure allows you to destroy a window visualization or an element in a visualization.

Calling Sequence

LIVE_DESTROY, [`Name1', `Name2',...]



A string containing the name of a valid LIVE or Insight visualization or element. If a visualization is supplied, all components in the visualization will be destroyed. Up to 25 components may be specified in a single call. If not specified, the entire window or buffer (WINDOW_IN) and its contents will be destroyed.



Set this keyword to a named variable to contain the returned error message (string). An empty string is returned if no errors occurred during the operation. By default, errors are reported via a GUI.


Set this keyword to inhibit the visualization window from drawing. This is useful if multiple visualizations and/or annotations are being created via calls to other LIVE_Tools in order to reduce unwanted draws and help speed the display.


Set this keyword equal to a name (string, case-sensitive) of a LIVE tool or Insight window, or a LIVE tool buffer. The WIN tag of the REFERENCE_OUT structure from the creation of the LIVE tool will provide the window or buffer name. Window names are also visible in visualization window titlebars. If only one LIVE tool or Insight window (or buffer) is present in the IDL session, this keyword will default to it.


LIVE_DESTROY, `Line Plot Visualization'


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