Main Story :   pdf format; 2 slides per page :  B&W  or  COLOR

(1) Introduction

(2) Evidence for the Big Bang

(3) The First Million Years: Light & Heat

(4) The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)

(5) Seeing Sound Waves

(6) Distortions in the Cosmic Concert Hall

(7) Removing Distortions: CMBFAST Recreates the Big Bang

(8) Sound as Diagnostic Tool: the Concordence Model

(9) Harmonic Analysis: the Music of Creation

(10) Post Recombination: From Sound into Stars

(11) The Next 14 Billion Years

(12) Cosmological Problems and their Solution: Inflation

(13) The Initial Sound Spectrum -- Quantum Hiss

(14) Can Modern Cosmology Provide a Rich Mythology?