ASTRONOMY 121, Section 2, Sched. No. 30012


Text : Voyages through the Universe (Fraknoi, Morrison & Wolff)

Prologue : Introduction to Astronomy.
Learn what the subject of astronomy is about, obtain a sense of scale and scope for the subject, review units of measure and power of ten notation.

Ch 1 : Observing the Night Sky.
The celestial sphere, angles on the sky, constellations. Greek astronomy, precession, heliocentric and geocentric models, Ptolemy. Copernicus and Galileo.

Ch 2 : Planetary Motion and Gravity.
Tycho, Kepler Newton. Keplers Laws, Newtons Laws, gravity, orbits.

Ch 3 : Earth, Moon, and Sky.
Coordinates, the seasons, the day, the year, calendars, phases of the moon, tides, eclipses.

Ch 6 : The Solar System.
Overall properties of solar system. Origin of Solar system. Extrasolar planets.

Ch 7 : The Earth.
Earth's interior, tectonics, magnetic field, aurora, atmosphere. Cratering history.

Ch 8 : The Moon & Mercury.
Moon's overall properties, surface, and origin. Mercury's surface, interior, and rotation.

Ch 9 : Venus & Mars.
Magellan mapping of Venus' surface. Atmosphere, greenhouse effect. Mars, life ?, seasons, surface, volcanoes, water, atmosphere.

Ch 10 : The Jovian Planets.
Overall properties : interior structure, atmospheres, rotation, magnetic fields.

Ch 11 : Moons and Rings.
Abundance of moons. Galilean moons of Jupiter. Captured moons. Pluto. Ring systems. Roche limit. Reasonant gaps.

Ch 12 : Asteroids and Comets.
Asteroids, asteroid belt, reasonance and Kirkwood gaps, Apollo and Trojan asteroids. Comets, core, tail, evolution.

Ch 13 : Primitive material and the Origin of the Solar System.
Meteors and meteorites. Nebular model for the origin of the solar system. Explanation of overall solar system properties.

Ch 14 : The Sun's Atmosphere.
The sun as a star. Photosphere, granulation, chromosphere, corona. Sunspots, sunspot cycle, magnetic fields, flares, storms.

Epilogue : Life - Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial.
Non-uniqueness of Earth. Origin of life on earth. Discovery of extrasolar planets. SETI. The Drake equation. Radio communication.