Final Exam Info

Contents of the Exam

The Final Exam will cover the entire semester, with the material since the last test appearing proportionately more (since it has not yet been on a midterm, there will be approximately double the number of questions there would otherwise be --- maybe 40% of the total). The material since the last exam includes Chapter 20 (Other Galaxies), Chapter 21 (Galaxy Evolution), Chapter 22 (Dark Matter and Dark Energy), and Chapter 23 (The Big Bang).

Format of the Exam

The Final Exam will have a similar format to the midterm exams, including true/false and multiple choice questions. The previous home-works and review questions at the end of the chapters will help you review the material. Below are a few sample questions to give you an idea of what to expect.

Physical Constants you do not need to remember

Speed of light, c = 3.0 x 105 km/s = 3.0 x 108 m/s.
Planck's constant, h = 6.62 x 10-34 J s (Joules x seconds).
Newton's gravitational constant G = 6.67 x 10-11 m3 /kg / s2
Wein's constant, 2.9 x 106 nm K (nanometers x Kelvins).
Stefan-Boltzmann constant, sigma = 5.67 x 10-8 J/m2.K4.s
1 light year = 9.46 x 1015 meters

Formulae you will be given