Astronomy 1230 Web & Lecture Notes

Lectures in this course will be topic-oriented and will not closely follow either the Lab Manual or Edmund's Star Atlas. To help you coordinate the Lecture material, notes are presented in two forms: web-notes and related though less detailed powerpoint slides. The Lectures themselves use the powerpoint slides, while the web notes provide slightly more detailed information. The course exams will include material taken from either of these two sources.

A sensible strategy is to print out the powerpoint slides (in pdf form) and bring them to class so that you can annotate them during lecture, to help clarify things. You might also choose to read over the web notes before class -- since these will give you a more fluid account of the material.

Web links to other useful information or pertinent illustrations are included on the guides and on the ASTR 1230 Web Links page. You are encouraged to use these to make the subject matter more interesting or clear...but you are not required to know any of this additional material (unless discussed in class).

Regardless of this generous posting of lecture material, you should plan on attending all lectures.

Brief overview of all the Labs, with lab logistics:   (PDF of .ppt slides)
Review of writing Lab Reports, and completing Observing Forms:   (PDF of .ppt slides)

Topic 1: Introduction to the Sky & Constellations:   (Web notes)     (PDF of .ppt slides)
                Ten Common Misconceptions: (Web notes)

Topic 2: Introduction to Telescopes:   (Web notes)     (PDF of .ppt slides)

Topic 3: Observing Techniques:   (Web notes)     (PDF of .ppt slides)

Topic 4: Motions in the Sky & Coordinate Systems:   (Web notes)     (PDF of .ppt slides)

Topic 5: Solar System Astronomy:   (Web notes)     (PDF of .ppt slides)
                Precession:   (Web notes)
                Eclipses:   (Web notes)

Topic 6: Stellar Astronomy:   (Web notes)

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