Final Exam Info

Contents of the Exam

The Final Exam will cover the entire semester, with the material since the last test appearing proportionately more (since it has not yet been on a midterm, there will be approximately double the number of questions there would otherwise be --- maybe 40% of the total). The material since the last exam includes : Our Galaxy (Ch 15); Other galaxies (Ch 16); and Cosmology (Ch 18). Note we are OMITTING : Chapter 17 on Quasars and Active galaxies. As usual, I would suggest you use the following in decreasing priority for your review of the material : (1) My web/powerpoint notes together your lecture notes, (2) these web questions; (3) the concept list and the topics listed on the web; (4) questions from the text; (5) the text itself (which also contains more details). You may also want to review the notes and questions from Dr Hawley's ASTR 124 class and also Dr Murphy's class.

Format of the Exam

The Final Exam will have a similar format to the midterm exams, including true/false, multiple choice and short answer questions. The length (and value) of the final exam is double that of one of the midterm exams. Below are a few sample questions from the last part of the class to give you an idea of what to expect. The review questions at the end of the chapters will also help you review the material.

Physical Constants you do not need to remember

Speed of light, c = 3.0 x 105 km/s = 3.0 x 108 m/s. Planck's constant, h = 6.62 x 10-34 J s (Joules x seconds). Wein's constant, 2.9 x 106 nm K (nanometers x Kelvins). Stefan-Boltzmann constant, sigma = 5.67 x 10-8 J/m2.K4.s 1 parsec = 3.08 x 1016m.

Formulae you DO need to know