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(1) Motivation & Aims
(2) Caveats with Current Systems
(3) Brief History of the Hubble Sequence
      (a) Revisions by Sandage
      (b) Revisions by deVaucouleurs
(4) Description & Illustration of Types
      (a) Overview
      (b) Elliptical : E
            (i)   Intermediate and High Luminosity
            (ii)  Low Luminosity (Dwarf) Ellipticals/Spheroidals
      (c) Lenticulars : S0
      (d) Spirals
      (e) Very Late Spirals and Irregulars
      (f) Peculiars
(5) Variation along the Hubble Sequence
(6) Other Classification Systems/Extensions
      (a) DDO Luminosity Classes
      (b) Elmegreen & Elmegreen Arm Classes
      (c) van den Bergh's "Trifork" Diagram
(7) Automated Galaxy Classification
      (a) Brute Force Approach
            (i)   Galaxy Zoo Project
            (ii)  Neural Nets
      (b) Automated Approach
            (i)   Simple Image Parameters
            (ii)  Example Results from SDSS
(8) Physical Morphology