ASTR 5630 & 5640 : Extragalactic Astronomy

Reading Assignments, and other reference material.

Topic 2 : Morphological Classification

Primary : EA&C p89-90; p98-100; B&M p145-157; p157-161.
Secondary : S&G p32-36.
Additional :
NED has an excellent overview of galaxy classification, with many examples.
"Galaxy Morphology and Classification" by van den Bergh (CUP: 1998)
EAA : "Galaxies : Classification" by Ron Buta.
EAA : "Galaxy Morphology-Density Relation" by Warrick Couch.
EAA : "Peculiar Galaxies" by James Higdon.

Other References :

Hubble's original papers
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Hubble E (1936) The Realm of the Nebulae reprinted 1958 New York: Dover

de Vaucouleurs revision
de Vaucouleurs G (1959) Classification and morphology of external galaxies Handbuch der Physik 53 275

Sandage revisions and reviews
Sandage A (1961) The Hubble Atlas of Galaxies
Sandage A (1975) in Galaxies and the Universe (Stars and Stellar Systems vol IX), U.Chicago Press.
Sandage A and Bedke J (1994) The Carnegie Atlas of Galaxies

Luminosity Classes of van den Bergh
van den Bergh S (1960) A preliminary luminosity classification of late-type galaxies Astrophys. J. 131 215-23
Sandage A and Tammann G (1987) A Revised Shapley-Ames Catalog of Bright Galaxies

The 'Yerkes' system
Morgan W W (1958) A preliminary classification of the forms of galaxies according to their stellar population Publ. Astron. Soc. Pac. 70 364-91

Arm Classification of Elmergreens
Elmegreen D and Elmegreen B (1987) Arm classifications for spiral galaxies Astrophys. J. 314 3-9

Other reviews of certain unusual galaxy types
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