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(1) Introduction
(2) WEB Literature Resources
(3) Major WEB Resources
(4) Optical Galaxy Catalogs
      (a) Important, Currently Used Catalogs
      (b) Previously Important or Less Used Catalogs
(5) All Sky Surveys
      (a) Radio
      (b) Infrared
      (c) Optical
      (d) Ultraviolet
      (e) X-ray
      (f) Gamma-Ray
(6) Selection Effects in Surveys & Catalogs
      (a) Malmquist Bias
(7) Global Parameters
      (a) Positions
      (b) Angular Sizes
      (c) Magnitudes
      (d) Extinctions
      (e) Colors
      (f) HI Fluxes and Kinematics
      (g) Redshifts
(8) Sloan Digital Sky Survey: SDSS
      (a) Survey Overview
      (b) SDSS Parameters
            (i)   Magnitudes
            (ii)  "Morphology"
            (iii) Spectra
      (c) Web Access and Analysis
            (i)   Inspection "by hand"
            (ii)  Automatic data retrieval
      (d) Other Large/Deep Galaxy Surveys
      (e) Some Papers from SDSS and MGC