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(1) Introduction
      (a) Spiral Galaxies are Complex Systems
      (b) Review of Basic Components
(2) 3-D Shapes
      (a) Disks
      (b) Bulges
      (c) Bars
(3) Surface Photometry
      (a) Radial Profiles
            (i)   Bulge
            (ii)  Disk
            (iii) Stellar Halos
      (b) Vertical Disk Structure
(4) Disk Velocity Field
      (a) Gas Rotation Curves
            (i)   At Large Radius
            (ii)  At Small Radius
      (b) Stellar Velocities in the Disk
            (i)   Rotation
            (ii)  Vertical Dispersion
      (c) 2-D Velocity Fields : Spider Diagrams
(5) Scaling Relations
      (a) Vmax & the Tully-Fisher Relation
(6) Mass Estimates & Dark Matter Halos
      (a) Deriving M(<R) from Vc(R)
      (b) Results from Optical Rotation Curves
      (c) Results from HI mapping
      (d) Dark Matter Halo Structure
      (e) Disk Halo Conspiracy
(7) Spiral and Bar Structures
      (a) Spirals
            (i)   Spiral Classes
            (ii)  Arm Prominence
            (iii) Leading or Trailing ?
            (iv) Pitch Angle
            (v)  The Winding Problem
      (b) Bars