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(1) Introduction
      (a) Importance of Interactions
      (b) Different Physical Regimes
(2) Catalogs
      (a) Interactions
      (b) Pairs
(3) Analytic Tools
      (a) Dynamical Friction
            (i)   Derivation of Retarding Force
            (ii)  Special Cases
            (iii) Applications of Dynamical Friction
      (b) Tidally Driven Evaporation
            (i)   Tidal (Jacobi/Roche) Limit
            (ii)  Satellite Evaporation/Destruction
      (c) Adiabatic (Slow) Encounter
      (d) Impulse (Fast) Encounter
(4) Numerical Simulations : Methods
(5) Numerical Simulations : Results
      (a) Flyby & Tidal Tails
      (b) Minor Mergers & Satellite Accretion
      (c) Major Mergers
            (i)   Global Behaviour
            (ii)  Behaviour of Stars
            (iii) Behaviour of Gas
            (iv) Fueling Starbursts & AGN
            (v) Future Collision Between MW and M31
(6) Merger Relics
      (a) Elliptical Galaxy Formation
      (b) Counter-Rotating Disks
      (c) Polar Ring Galaxies
      (d) Shell Galaxies