ASTR 553 : Extragalactic Astronomy

Reading Assignments, and other reference material.

Topic 13 : Galaxy Clusters and the ICM

Once again, our texts have little to say on clusters. I have made use of three sets of lecture notes, plus a number of general articles. In particular Craig Sarazin's notes from earlier graduate classes were very useful (but only exist as hand written copies).

Primary References :
Sarazin's Lecture Notes : "Clusters"
Bender's Lecture notes : "Groups and Clusters of Galaxies"
Keel's Lecture notes : Groups and Clusters" as well as "Hot Gas in Clusters"
Carlberg's article in EAA : "Galaxy Clusters"

Secondary :
B&T : 610-614
S&G : 221-223, 267-272

Colless's article in EAA : "Coma"
Bingelli & Huchra's article in EAA : "Virgo"
Arnaboldi's article in EAA : "Intracluster Medium"
Fabian's article in EAA : "Cooling Flows"
Katgert's article in EAA : "Abell Clusters"
Tully's article in EAA : "Superclusters and the Local Supercluster"
Bahcall's chapter in Allan's Astrophysical Quantities.

Additional :
Not yet completed