ASTR 553 : Extragalactic Astronomy

Reading Assignments, and other reference material.

Topic 14 : Galactic Nuclei and Nuclear Black Holes

Although there is some material in our texts on this Topic, I've needed to go to a number of other sources (in particular, John Kormendy's home page has many useful articles and figures).

Primary References :
B&T : 203-211 (stellar hydro for spherical system), 545-548 (effects of BH on stellar distributions)
B&M : 410-412 (masers in NGC 4258), 594-597 (MW nucleus), 717-721 (detection of nuclear BHs)
S&G : 266-267.

Kormendy & Ho, 2000 EAA article : "Finding Black Holes in Inactive Galaxies"
Ho & Kormendy, 2000 EAA article : "Finding Black Holes in Active Galaxies"
Richstone et al 1998 Nature 395 A14 : "Supermassive Black Holes and the Evolution of Galaxies"
Kormendy & Gebhardt 2001 20th Texas Symposium, "Supermassive Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei"
Kormendy and Shields 2000 StarDate 28 #5 4 "Monsters in Calactic Nuclei"
Melia & Falke 2001 ARAA 39 309 : "The Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Center"

Secondary :
Binney EAA article, has discussion of BH influence on nuclear star distribution
Eckart EAA article, has information on MW nucleus. Additional :
Not yet completed