ASTR 553/554 : Extragalactic Astronomy

Reading Assignments, and other reference material.

Topic 15 : Active Galactic Nuclei

Reading before class :

Main Texts :
Our primary text, Binney & Merrifield, has little on AGN, so we need to look elsewhere.
There are five excellent recent texts :

  1. Brad Peterson : An Introduction to Active Galactic Nuclei
  2. Ian Robson : Active Galactic Nuclei
  3. Julian Krolik : Active Galactic Nuclei
  4. Khembavi & Narlikar : Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclie
  5. Dave DeYoung : The Physics of Extragalactic Radio Sources
The first two are at a slightly lower level. If you were to buy one book, then I suggest Peterson's if you do not intend to do further work in AGNs, or Krolik's if you do. If you intend to work on radio galaxies, then DeYoung's book would also be a good buy.

Other Review Material :

References by topic :