Talks and Posters Presented

This list reflects the final set of talks and posters that were presented, listed alphabetically by first author. Some authors have made their presentations available for download; these are indicated by the icons next to the presentation titles. Some session chairs have also provided their brief presentations. These are listed at the bottom. Articles submitted for the conference proceedings are also available here.

Cooling Flow Clusters As Cosmological Probes (Talk)
Allen, S.W. (Institute of Astronomy, Madingley Road, Cambridge, U.K)
PDF Constraining Multiphase Gas in Cooling Flows (Poster)
Arabadjis, J.S.; Bautz, M.W. (MIT)
How Do Cluster Cores Evolve Cosmologically and Affect the Use of Clusters As Cosmological Probes: Insight From XMM Observations of Distant Clusters (Talk)
Arnaud, M. (CEA Saclay Service d’Astrophysique)
JPEG Narrow-Band Imaging of Optical Line-Emitting Nebulosity Around Cooling Flow Clusters (Poster)
Baker, K.; Bremer, N. N. (University of Bristol); Jaffe, W. (Leiden Observatory); Hardcastle, M. J. (University of Bristol)
PowerPoint presentation Spectroscopy of the Lyman Alpha Line in A426, A1795, and A2597: Constraints On a Cold Absorber (Talk)
Baum, S.; O’Dea, C.; Koekemoer, A.; Mack, J. (STScI); Laor, A. (Technion, Israel)
Compressed PowerPoint presentation Effervescent Heating of Cooling Flows (Talk)
Begelman, M. C. (JILA, University of Colorado)
PowerPoint presentation Heating Cooling Flows (Talk)
Binney, J.J. (Oxford University)
A Chandra Archival Survey of Galaxy Clusters with X-Ray Cavities (Poster)
Birzan-Rafferty, F. L.; Rafferty, D. A.; McNamara, B. R.; Sharma, M. (Ohio University); Wise, M. W. (MIT/CSR); Nulsen, P. E. J. (University of Wollongong)
PowerPoint presentation The Interaction of Radio Sources and X-Ray-Emitting Gas in Cooling Flows (Talk)
Blanton, E. L. (University of Virginia)
PowerPoint presentation Self Regulated Interaction of AGN with Cooling Flows (Talk)
Böhringer, H. (MPE, Garching)
Open Office presentation Galaxy Clusters As Cosmological Tools and Astrophysical Laboratories (Talk)
Borgani, S. (Dept. of Astronomy, Trieste)
PowerPoint presentation Meeting Summary (Talk)
Bregman, J. N. (University of Michigan)
JPEG Diffuse 0.31-0.39 GHz Radio Emission From the Perseus Cluster (Poster)
Brentjens, M.A. (Kapteyn Institute ASTRON); de Bruyn, A.G. (ASTRON Kapteyn Institute)
PowerPoint presentation Heated Cooling Flows (Poster)
Brighenti, F. (University of Bologna); Mathews, W.G. (University of California Santa Cruz)
Postscript Bubbles in the Intra-Cluster Medium (Poster)
Bruggen, M. (International University Bremen)
Compressed PowerPoint presentation On the Formation of Cool, Non-Flowing Cores in Galaxy Clusters Via Hierarchical Mergers (Talk)
Burns, J. O.; Motl, P. M. (University of Colorado, Boulder); Norman, M. L. (University of California, San Diego); Bryan, G. (University of Oxford)
JPEG Chandra Observation of the Merging Cluster Abell 2065: Survival of the Cooling Cores? (Poster)
Chatzikos, M.; Sarazin, C. L. (University of Virginia); Kempner, J. C.; Markevitch, M. (CfA)
PowerPoint presentation Self-Regulated Cooling Flows (Talk)
Churazov, E. (MPA,IKI)
PDF Radio and X-Ray Interactions in the Core of Abell 2029 (Poster)
Clarke, T.E.; Blanton, E.L.; Sarazin, C.L. (University of Virginia)
PowerPoint presentation What Is the Connection of X-Ray Gas To Star Formation and Cool Gas? (Talk)
Crawford, C. S. (IoA, Cambridge, UK)
PowerPoint presentation On the Iron Content in Nearby Galaxy Clusters and the BCG/Cluster Connection (Talk)
De Grandi, S. (INAF-OAB); Ettori, S. (ESO); Molendi, S. (IASF-CNR); Longhetti, M. (INAF-OAB)
JPEG XMM-Newton Observation of the Cooling Flow Cluster Abell 478 (Poster)
de Plaa, J.; Kaastra, J. S.; Tamura, T.; Mendez, M. (SRON National Institute for Space Research, Utrecht, The Netherlands); Peterson, J. R. (Astrophysics Laboratory, Columbia University, USA); Arnaud, M. (CEA/Saclay, Service d’Astrophysique, France)
PowerPoint presentation Intracluster Magnetic Fields and the Reheating of Cooling Flows (Talk)
De Young, D.S. (NOAO)
JPEG The Importance of Rotational Support for the Hot Gas in Ellipticals (Poster)
Diehl, S.; Statler, T. S. (Ohio University)
JPEG Additional Physics in Simulation of Cooling Flows (Poster)
Dolag, K. (Dip. di Astronomia Padova)
PowerPoint presentation A Review of Cooling Flow Observations (Talk)
Donahue, M. (STScI)
PowerPoint presentation Cool Gas in Cooling Flows - Cooled Or Just Cold? (Talk)
Edge, A.C. (University of Durham)
PowerPoint presentation Molecular Hydrogen and H-Alpha Images of Bright Central Galaxies in Cooling Flow Clusters (Poster)
Edwards, L.O.V. (Saint Mary’s University); Marleau, F.; Tothill, N.F.H.; Welch, G. (SMU)
Compressed Postscript Radio Galaxies in Cooling Cores (Talk)
Eilek, J. A. (New Mexico Tech)
PDF Magnetic Fields and Cosmic Rays in Galaxy Cluster Cooling Flows (Talk)
Enßlin, T. A.; Vogt, C.; Pfrommer, C. (MPA)
PowerPoint presentation Intro Talk (Talk)
Fabian, A. C. (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, UK)
Compressed PowerPoint presentation Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - the Connection Between the Central Black Hole and Hot Gas (Talk)
Forman, W.; Jones, C.; Vikhlinin, A.; Kraft , R. (SAO)
PowerPoint presentation Heating of Cluster Cores By Acoustic Waves (Talk)
Fujita, Y. (Nat. Astron. Obs., Japan)
PowerPoint presentation Ni Abundance in the Core of the Perseus Cluster: An Answer To the Significance of Resonant Scattering and SNIa Enrichment (Talk)
Gastaldello, F.; Molendi, S. (IASF-MI-CNR)
JPEG Cooling Flows and Radio Mini-Halos (Poster)
Gitti, M. (Università di Bologna University of Innsbruck); Brunetti, G. (IRA-CNR Bologna); Setti, G. (Università di Bologna); Feretti, L. (IRA-CNR Bologna)
Postscript Chandra Observations of the Violent Subcluster Merger Abell 115 (Poster)
Gutierrez, K. J.; Krawczynski, H. (Washington Univ. St. Louis); Harris, D. E. (CfA)
Compressed Open Office presentation The Interaction of Radio Galaxies with the Intracluster Medium (Talk)
Heinz, S. (MPA); Reynolds, C.S. (University of Maryland); Begelman, M.C. (University of Colorado)
Open Office presentation A Library of Intracluster Entropy Distributions (Poster)
Horner, D.J.; Donahue, M.; Voit, M. (STScI)
Open Office presentation Nonthermal Emission From IC1262, a Low Temperature Galaxy Cluster (Poster)
Hudson, D. S. (University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Henriksen, M. J. (Joint Center for Astrophysics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County); Colafrancesco, S. (Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma)
Compressed Postscript Temperature Structure of ICM and Dark Matter in Cluster Centers (Talk)
Ikebe, Y. (JCA/UMBC)
JPEG Polarimetric Radio Observations and Magnetic Fields in A3667 (Poster)
Johnston-Hollitt, M. (Leiden Observatory); Ekers, R. D. (ATNF); Hunstead, R. W. (University of Sydney)
XMM-Newton Observations of the Temperature Structure of the Central Gas in Cooling Clusters (Talk)
Kaastra, J.S.; Tamura, T. (SRON); Peterson, J.R. (Columbia University); Bleeker, J.A.M.; Ferrigno, C. (SRON); Kahn, S.M.; Paerels, F.B.S. (Columbia University); Piffaretti, R. (University of Zürich); Branduardi-Raymont, G. (MSSL); Böhringer, H. (MPE)
PowerPoint presentation Entropy Evolution of the Gas in Cooling Flow Clusters (Talk)
Kaiser, C.R. (University of Southampton); Binney, J.J. (University of Oxford)
PowerPoint presentation The Dark Group Candidate, RXJ 0419+2225 (Poster)
Kawaharada, M.; Takahashi, I.; Makishima, K.; Shimasaku, K. (University of Tokyo); Nakazawa, K. (ISAS); Matsushita, K. (MPE); Fukazawa, Y. (Hiroshima University)
PDF Chandra Observation of the Core of Abell 576 (Poster)
Kempner, J. C.; David, L. P. (SAO)
PowerPoint presentation XMM and Chandra Observations of NGC 5044: Metal Abundances and Supernova Fraction (Talk)
Lewis, A. D.; Buote, D. A. (UC Irvine); Mathews, W. G.; Brighenti, F. (UC Santa Cruz)
PowerPoint presentation The ASCA View On Cooling Flows and Its Implication (Talk)
Makishima, K. (University of Tokyo)
PDF Gas Sloshing in Cluster Cores (Talk)
Markevitch, M. (SAO)
JPEG The Role of Central Radio Galaxies in Heating Cooling Cores (Poster)
Markovic, T. (NRAO/NMT); Eilek, J. A. (NMT); Owen, F. N. (NRAO)
JPEG Circulation Flows: Cooling Flows with Bubble Return (Poster)
Mathews, W. G. (UC Santa Cruz); Brighenti, F. (Bologna); Buote, D. A.; Lewis, A. D. (UC Irvine)
Compressed PowerPoint presentation Cooling Flow and Cluster Core Disruption By Hydrodynamic Instabilities: The Chandra View (Talk)
Mazzotta, P.; Edge, A. C. (University of Durham, UK); Markevitch, M. (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA)
JPEG Distribution of Gas and Dark Matter in Virgo (Poster)
McLaughlin, D. E. (STScI)
PowerPoint presentation Star Formation in Cluster Cooling Flows (Talk)
McNamara, B. R. (Ohio University)
PowerPoint presentation A Close Look at M87 (Talk)
Molendi, S.; Ghizzardi, S. (IASF/CNR Milano)
PDF Small-Scale Metallicity Variations in Cooling Flows (Poster)
Morris, R. G.; Fabian, A. C. (Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge)
PDF The Impact of Star Formation On Cool Core Galaxy Clusters (Poster)
Motl, P. M.; Burns, J. O. (University of Colorado); Norman, M. L. (University of California San Diego)
PDF Interaction of the AGN and X-Ray Emitting Gas (Talk)
Nulsen, P.E.J. (University of Wollongong)
PowerPoint presentation HST Far-UV Imaging of the Central Nebulae in A1795 and A2597 (Talk)
O’Dea, C.; Baum, S.; Koekemoer, A.; Mack, J. (STScI); Laor, A. (Technion, Israel)
PDF XMM-Newton Observations of the Poor Clusters MKW~4 and AWM~4 (Poster)
O’Sullivan, E.; Vrtilek, J. M. (SAO)
JPEG The Spontaneous Magnetic Field Generation and Suppression of Heat Conduction in Clusters of Galaxies (Poster)
Okabe, N. ; Hattori, M. (Astronomical Institute, Tohoku University)
PowerPoint presentation High Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopic Constraints On Cooling-Flow Models (Talk)
Peterson, J. R.; Kahn, S. M.; Paerels, F. B. S. (Columbia University); Kaastra, J. S.; Tamura, T.; Bleeker, J. A. M.; Ferrigno, C. (SRON); Jernigan, J. G. (UC Berkeley)
JPEG SMAUG: A New Technique for the Deprojection of Galaxy Clusters (Poster)
Pizzolato, F. (IASF/CNR and Insubria Univ.); Molendi, S. (IASF/CNR)
JPEG X-Ray Cavities in the 2A0335+096 Galaxy Cluster (Poster)
Rafferty, D. A.; Birzan-Rafferty, F. L.; McNamara, B. R. (Ohio University); Wise, M. W. (MIT/CSR)
PowerPoint presentation Cooling Cluster Cores and Cosmology (Talk)
Reiprich, T. H.; Sarazin, C. L. (University of Virginia)
PDF Simulations of Rising Hydrodynamic and Magnetohydrodynamic Bubbles (Poster)
Ricker, P. M. (University of Illinois); Robinson, K. (Lawrence University); Dursi, L. J.; Rosner, R.; Linde, T.; Zingale, M.; Calder, A. C.; Fryxell, B.; Plewa, T.; Truran, J. W.; Caceres, A.; Olson, K.; Riley, K.; Siegel, A.; Vladimirova, N. (University of Chicago)
Compressed PowerPoint presentation Magnetic Fields in Cooling Flow Clusters (Talk)
Rudnick, L. (Univ. of Minnesota); Blundell, K. (Oxford Univ.)
PowerPoint presentation 3D FLASH Simulations of AGN Heating in Clusters of Galaxies (Poster)
Ruszkowski, M. (JILA, University of Colorado at Boulder); Kaiser, C.R. (University of Southampton); Begelman, M.C. (JILA, APS, University of Colorado at Boulder)
Postscript Cooling Wakes and Cooling Flows (Talk)
Sakelliou, I.; Acreman, D. M.; Stevens, I. R.; Raychaudhury, S.; Ponman, T. J. (University of Birmingham)
PDF Cold Molecular Gas Detection in Cooling Flows (Talk)
Salomé, P.; Combes, F. (LERMA Observatoire de Paris)
PDF Off-Centre Abundance Peaks in Clusters of Galaxies (Talk)
Sanders, J. S.; Fabian, A. C. (IoA Cambridge)
JPEG The ICM in the Moderate Cooling Flow Cluster Abell 1991 (Poster)
Sharma, M.; McNamara, B. R. (Ohio U.); Wise, M. W. (MIT/CSR); Sarazin, C. L.; Blanton, E. L. ( U. Virginia); David, L. P. (CfA)
Can Mergers Explain Cooling Flows? (Talk)
Sparks, W. B.; Donahue, M. (Space Telescope Science Institute)
JPEG A `Smoking Gun' for Rotational Support in the Hot ISM of Elliptical Galaxies (Poster)
Statler, T. S.; McNamara, B. R. (Ohio University); Ruszkowski, M. (University of Colorado); Diehl, S. (Ohio University)
JPEG CHANDRA Observations of the Cool Cores of Three Luminous Galaxy Groups (Poster)
Sun, M.; Forman, W.; Murray, S. S.; Vikhlinin, A.; Jones, C.; Markevitch, M. (Harvard CfA); Hornstrup, A. (Danish Space Research Institute)
PowerPoint presentation XMM-Newton Observation of the Centaurus Cluster (Talk)
Takahashi, I.; Kawaharada, M.; Makishima, K. (University of Tokyo); Ikebe, Y. (NASA GSFC); Tamura, T. (ISAS)
PowerPoint presentation Chandra Observation of the Central Region of Abell 3112 (Poster)
Takizawa, M. (Yamagata University); Sarazin, C. L.; Blanton, E. L. (University of Virginia); Taylor, G. B. (NRAO)
PowerPoint presentation Observations of Cluster Magnetic Fields (Talk)
Taylor, G. B. (NRAO)
Compressed PowerPoint presentation Warming Flows (Talk)
Thomas, P. A.; Rowley, D. R. (University of Sussex)
Open Office presentation Cluster Mergers, Core Oscillations, and Cold Fronts (Poster)
Tittley, E. R.; Henriksen, M. J. (UMBC)
JPEG The Turmoil in IC1262 (Poster)
Trinchieri, G. (INAF-OABr)
PDF Cosmological Constraints From Baryon Mass Functions of Clusters (Talk)
Vikhlinin, A. (SAO); Voevodkin (Space Research Institute, Moscow), A.; Mullis, C. (ESO)
JPEG Conduction and Cooling Flows (Poster)
Voigt, L.M.; Fabian, A.C. (Institute of Astronomy)
PowerPoint presentation What Is the Fate of the Cooling Gas? (Talk)
Voit, M. (STScI)
PowerPoint presentation High Resolution Spectroscopy of Cooling Flows: Current Data and Future Prospects (Talk)
Wise, M. W. (MIT)
JPEG Simulations of Cooling Flow Clusters with Thermal Conduction (Poster)
Ziskin, V. (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris)

Session Chairs

PDF The Low Frequency Array and Clusters of Galaxies
Kassim, N. (Naval Research Laboratory); Cohen, A. (Naval Research Laboratory and National Research Council); Lazio, T. J. W. (Naval Research Laboratory)


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