Invited Presentations

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Talk No. Name Topic
2.1 Andy Fabian
Intro Talk
3.1 Megan Donahue
A Review of Cooling Flow Observations
5.1 John Peterson
High Resolution X-Ray Spectroscopic Constraints On Cooling-Flow Models
5.2 Michael Wise
High Resolution Spectroscopy of Cooling Flows: Current Data and Future Prospects
5.3 Kazuo Makishima
The ASCA View On Cooling Flows and Its Implication
7.1 Alastair Edge
Cool Gas in Cooling Flows - Cooled Or Just Cold?
9.1 Greg Taylor
Observations of Cluster Magnetic Fields
10.1 Jean Eilek
Radio Galaxies in Cooling Cores
10.2 Brian McNamara
Star Formation in Cluster Cooling Flows
12.1 Elizabeth Blanton
The Interaction of Radio Sources and X-Ray-Emitting Gas in Cooling Flows
12.2 Hans Boehringer
Self Regulated Interaction of AGN With Cooling Flows
14.1 Yasushi Ikebe
Temperature Structure of ICM and Dark Matter in Cluster Centers
16.1 William Forman
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble - the Connection Between the Central Black Hole and Hot Gas
16.2 Maxim Markevitch
Gas Sloshing in Cluster Cores
19.1 Mitchell Begelman
Effervescent Heating of Cooling Flows
21.1 James Binney
Heating Cooling Flows
22.1 Mark Voit
What Is the Fate of the Cooling Gas?
24.1 Eugene Churazov
Self-Regulated Cooling Flows
24.2 Sebastian Heinz
The Interaction of Radio Galaxies With the Intracluster Medium
24.3 Paul Nulsen
Interaction of the AGN and X-Ray Emitting Gas
25.1 Carolin Crawford
What Is the Connection of X-Ray Gas To Star Formation and Cool Gas?
30.1 Jelle Kaastra
XMM-Newton Observations of the Temperature Structure of the Central Gas in Cooling Clusters
32.1 Jack Burns
On the Formation of Cool, Non-Flowing Cores in Galaxy Clusters Via Hierarchical Mergers
34.1 Steven Allen
Cooling Flow Clusters As Cosmological Probes
34.2 Monique Arnaud
How Do Cluster Cores Evolve Cosmologically and Affect the Use of Clusters As Cosmological Probes: Insight From XMM Observations of Distant Clusters
34.3 Stefano Borgani
Galaxy Clusters As Cosmological Tools and Astrophysical Laboratories
36.1 Joel Bregman
Meeting Summary


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