Conference Proceedings Submission Instructions

The proceedings will be published electronically through the conference web site. This ensures fast publication with no page limits and widespread accessibility at low cost. The long time availability is made certain by inclusion of the full text into the ADS. Abstracts will appear in the ADS shortly after the proceedings submission deadline (September 30, 2003). The full text will be made available through the ADS after three years.

Copyright of each individual article will remain with the first author, but the conference organizers retain the non-exclusive right of unlimited reproduction of all articles in the proceedings for any purpose.

Instructions for preparation of your proceedings article:
Please use the LaTeX template and LaTeX2e class file provided here. The class file requires REVTeX 4, which may be downloaded if you do not have it installed already. If you use NatBib/BibTeX for the references in your article (highly recommended), please use the ApJ bibliography style file. BibTeX users should include their .bbl file with their submission. The only restriction on the length of your article is set by the 40 MB limit of uploads through the conference web site. If your article exceeds 40 MB even after compression please contact the webmaster to work out a solution.

Please name your files as follows:
   manuscript: lastname.tex
   BibTeX file: lastname.bbl
   figures:,, etc.
   compiled article:

Once it is complete, your proceedings article should be uploaded through the uploads page.

Bibliographic information for the proceedings will be as follows:
Title: The Riddle of Cooling Flows in Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies
Location and date: Charlottesville, VA, USA. May 31 -- June 4, 2003.
Editors: Reiprich, T. H., Kempner, J. C., and Soker, N.

If you submit your article to astro-ph please include the above information, especially the URL, so that interested people can easily find the entire proceedings volume.

Submission deadline: Tuesday 15:00 Eastern Standard Time, September 30, 2003.
Note that articles may still be submitted until December 31, 2003. Articles submitted after the deadline but before the end of 2003 will be published through this conference web page but will not appear in the ADS (no exceptions).