Central Virginia Star Party

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Pictures from last year's star party!

A FREE event open to the community

August 25, Sunset - 10pm
Red Hill Elementary School Field
North Garden, VA

You and your family are invited to join us for the second Central Virginia Star Party! Bring your curiosity and join us to view spectacular astronomical objects through telescopes and learn about the solar system, the night sky, galaxies, and the universe with fun hands-on activities.

1 FREE glow stick for each child (while supplies last)!

This Star Party is sponsored by the "Dark Skies, Bright Kids" program at UVa and the Charlottesville Astronomical Society.

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What is a Star Party?

The Central Virginia Star Party is an annual event for families in central Virginia promoting one of our most under-appreciated natural resources: our pristine dark skies. We will have numerous telescopes and binoculars operated by knowledgeable amateur and professional astronomers viewing different objects in the night sky. In addition, we will have constellation tours -- complete with the constellation stories. We will also have indoor activities, including lessons in our portable Star Lab Planetarium and several of our favorite hands-on activities. For the most enjoyment, we suggest bringing a chair or blanket to enjoy the night sky in comfort, wearing bug spray, bringing drinking water (it's still very hot at night!) and bringing your own flashlight.

What's "up" at the Star Party?

The Fall sky is particularly rich in objects spanning from our own Solar System, across our Milky Way Galaxy and beyond into deep space. The following links give more detailed information about what you will be able to see at the star party.

Sky & Telescope's Interactive Sky Chart

Sky & Telescope's Sky at a Glance

Astronomy Magazine's Sky this Week

Hubblesite's Tonight's Sky

Other activities at the Star Party