Sunset At Apache Point

SDSS 2.5-m @ APO
This gorgeous view of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 2.5-m telescope, the crescent Moon, and Jupiter was captured by graduate student George Trammell just after sunset on 13 November 2007 at Apache Point Observatory (APO) during Steve Majewski's Astronomical Techniques class trip to several telescope facilities UVa has access to in New Mexico and Arizona. The trip included visits to the Large Binocular Telescope, the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, and the 10-m Submillimeter Telescope, as well as training and observing for 3 nights using the APO 3.5-m telescope.

The students also visited the Kitt Peak National Observatory, the Very Large Array of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, and the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, which made the mirrors for many of the optical telescopes visited (the VATT 1.8-m, WIYN 3.5-m, APO 3.5-m, and LBT 2x8.4-m).