UVa Astronomy News Picture Archive

September 2007

Picture of the Month

Rémy Indebetouw, Geneviève de Messières, and the SAGE team look into the Large Magellanic Cloud to explore 30 Doradus, the closest super star cluster. They are using infrared spectral maps from the Spitzer Space Telescope, since features in the spectra can probe the different phases of the interstellar medium.

Top: a combined image of the entire Large Magellanic Cloud. The two colors are IRAC images (blue at 3.6 microns and green at 8 microns). The red is from a MIPS image at 24 microns.

Bottom: zoom in on three details from the IRS spectral maps of 30 Doradus. Blue = sulfur emission (10.5 microns); green = PAH emission (11.3 microns); red = molecular hydrogen emission (12.4 microns).

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