The Way to McCormick Observatory

Additional maps of the Astronomy Department, Observatories and UVa grounds.

If you don't want to use the Google directions above, then just use the directions to the Astronomy Department, and then follow the colored path above (illustrated below). Alternatively, you can reach the observatory via Fontaine Avenue, using Mimosa Drive and Hereford Drive to connect you to McCormick Road.

At the stoplight at the intersection of Alderman & McCormick,
head West on McCormick,
passing O-Hill Dining Hall on left...
...and the Astronomy Bldg on right.
At corner of Alderman and McCormick
Head West on McCormick Road
Past Dining Hall on your left
And Astronomy Building on your right
At the stop sign, turn left, then
drive straight past the High Energy Physics Lab turnoff.
At the entrance to Hereford College,
turn right at stop sign (continue up McCormick Rd.).
Intersection of McCormick and Edgemont, just before Slaughter Gym
Keep going straight, don't turn at the HEPL sign...
Turn right at the stop sign, continue uphill
Turn right at the stop sign, continue uphill
Drive past the water towers and
the construction trailers on left.
Drive past Alden House on left,
and driveway (Don't park here!)
Pass the water towers on your left
and past the WTJU dish and O-Hill dorm construction trailers
Pass Alden House on your left
Pass this private driveway
Now McCormick is on your left
Bear left at the entrance (No Parking on or beside the road!)
Read the informative sign, then
drive past the gate,
Almost there; here is McCormick Observatory, on your left
Turn left; do not continue downhill!
Read the signs
Take the driveway past the gate
unless the gate is closed (NO PARKING),
Pass Vyssotsky Cottage (private residence, no parking)...
to reach McCormick. You are here!
Click on the map for a recap.
But if the gate is closed, Never park here!
On your right, pass Vyssotsky Cottage, private residence. No Parking
McCormick Observatory. You made it!
Recap Map