Astronomy Master Theses

(1935 - present)


Reno, Franklin Victor

The photometric field of the 26" refractor of the Leander McCormick Observatory

Barcus, Leonard Franklin

A comparison of the accuracy of relative stellar positions obtained from regular and thinly coated photographic emulsions

Brackbill, Maurice Thaddeus

The heavens with an astra star guide

Wirtanen, Carl Alvar

Photovisual sequences in zones 5 degrees and 15 degrees north declination


Dyer, Edward R.

On the system of magnitudes to be used in the second McCormick proper motion catalogue

Reed, Rudolph Gardner

The peculiar velocities of faint B stars and of Cepheid variables

Walther, Miriam Elaine

Photovisual magnitudes of the reference stars of twenty-one Cepheid variables

Henize, Karl Gordon

A systematic search for novae

Mateer, Betty Ann

The system of the McCormick spectral classification in the Yale zones


Mitchell, Walter Edmund

The astrometric orbit of the spectroscopic binary chi Draconis

Cowley, Charles R.

A search for blue stars in high galactic latitudes


Lockwood, George Wesley

The alignment, calibration, and testing of the McCormick cassegrain spectrograph

Hershey, John Landis

Internal motion of 35 stars in Praesepe

Knappenberger, Paul Henry

Astronomical applications of wave front shearing interferometers

Berg, Richard Allen

Spectroscopic and photometric observations of 73 Draconis

Mast, Joseph Willis

The solar motion with respect to high-latitude interstellar hydrogen clouds

Meacham, Mary Kathleen

A photoelectric study of A D Canis Minoris, an ultra-short period variable star

Shelus, Peter J.

The stability of N-body configurations: an application to multiple star systems

Doremus, Catharine

The spectrum of Epsilon Ursae Majoris

Doyle, Robert John

K-line photometry of Delta Cephei

Myers, Marcia Rebecca

Radial-velocity capabilities of the McCormick spectrograph

Smith, Charles Ditto

A study of early type supergiants

Smith, Haywood Clark Jr.

On the distances and evolution of the planetary nebulae

Unruh, John Edward

The spectrum of Antares at 8500 Angs.


Appelbaum, Lawrence Thomas

An astrometric study of Ross 986 from photographs taken with the McCormick 26-inch refractor

Estes, James King

The stability of small dynamical systems: a numerical study

Hemenway, Paul D.

An optical meridian interferometer

James, John Thorpe

The theory and observations of pulsar dispersions

McCarthy, Dennis D.

Reduction method and star positions for Washington and Richmond photographic zenith tubes

Cannell, William Davis

An investigation of expansion in the Orion association

Clark, Frank Oliver

A survey of selected cool stars in the 6 cm formaldehyde line

Ellis, David Charles

Attainable accuracy of trigonometric parallax determinations

Hoyle, Robert Charles

Photometric observations of DQ Herculis

Webster, Nancy Elaine

The peculiar A star--Kappa Piscium: HD 220825

Zissel, Ronald Everett

A study of the eclipsing binary HR 6611

Akyuz, Janet Hanula

The T-Tauri phenomena

Giguere, Paul Theodore

The one-micron spectra of TX Piscium and UU Auriga

Hollis, Jan Michael

Operating voltage and operating temperature effects on EMI 6256S and RCA 1P21 photomultiplier tubes

Prior, Edwin James

Satellite orbital accelerations due to the force of the earth-reflected radiation

Purvis, Robert Arnold

uvby Photometry and [Fe/H] ratios for intermediate and late type stars

Bania, Thomas M.

Stellar and neutral hydrogen galactic kinematics

Cary, Noel Demetri

Main sequence models for massive zerometal stars

Gutsch, William A.

Interstellar reddening at high galactic latitudes

Gibson, David M.

The effects of noise on interferometric measurements of radio source position and intensity

Huntley, James Michael

Model blanketing and backwarming in Ap stars

Lafrance, Rosemary Louise

High resolution maps of the low-velocity HI gas in the vicinity of l=130o, b=40o

McAlister, Harold A.

On the temperature dependence of scale for the 26-inch McCormick refractor

Marscher, Alan Patrick

The evolution of radio emission from young supernova remnants

Strikwerda, Thomas Earl

Effects of helium abundance on the atmospheres of K-giant stars


Stanley, John Edward

Interplanetary dust particles near Jupiter

Probst, Ronald George

An astrometric study of Ross 614

Kingham, Kerry Andrew

Photoelectric photometry of Seyfert galaxies and related objects

McDavid, David Andrew

Bok globules

Pickard, Henry Martin

Statistical parallaxes of RR Lyrae stars using Maximum Likelihood estimation

Babcock, Alice Kay

Photographic zenith tube observations of Mars

Cioffi, Denis Felix

Internal Faraday rotation effects in radio sources

Fox, John Gilmore

On the application of the maximum entropy method of spectral analysis to an infrared interferometer/spectrometer

Levinson, Frank Howard

Emulsion shifts and the astrometric accuracy of the photographic plate

Kaminski, Charles D.

Radial velocities of a suspected OB association

Neff, Susan Gale

The behavior of hotspots in classical double radio sources

Seitzer, Patrick O.

HI observations of dwarf galaxies


Gass, James Eugene

Kinematics of blue compact galaxies

White, Raymond Edwin III

Galactic winds

Crocker, Deborah Ann

Monte Carlo simulations of globular cluster red giant luminosity functions

Wadiak, Edward James

Radio recombination lines in quasars

Dickson, Richard Jesse

Proper motions of four open cluster cepheids, and their implication for an infrared period-luminosity relation

Kinnally, Melissa McGrath

Spectrophotometry of blue compact galaxies

Mullins, Jeffery Lynn

The effects of dome level air turbulance on seeing in the forty inch telescope at Fan Mountain observatory

Rohde, James Russell

A study of the visual binary Xi Boötis


Adler, David Scott

Uncertainties in star cluster ages due to input physics

Emmering, Robert Thoms

Are pulsars born as slow rotators?

Fanelli, Michael Nicholas

Blue compact galaxies in the ultraviolet: spectral synthesis and stellar populations

Gilmore, Diane Marie

A high resolution radio continuum and polarization study of supernova remnant SN 1006

Greason, Michael Richard

Tracing the formation chemistry of HCN by comparing it to its deuterated counterpart

Miller, John Mically

Numerical simulation of secondary infall: self-similar galaxy formation

McNamara, Brian Robert

Evidence for dynamical evolution of the open cluster IC 2391

Houck, John Charles

The dynamics of the galactic fountain

Mangum, Jeffrey Gary

Observations of the 13C isomers of HC3N: implications for carbon isotope studies in the Milky Way

Blank, David Lawrence

Seyfert galaxy evolution

Foster, Prudence Nichols

Gravitational Lensing of the cosmic microwave background

Kucinskas, Algis Basil

Color statistics of galaxies in clusters at various redshifts

Patterson, Richard Joseph

A Hyades distance modulus determined by trigonometric parallaxes from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres

Robinett, Karen Hilma

The search for extraterrestrial life: the role of non-locality in nature

Schlemmer, Dean Matthew

Membership in the galactic open cluster NGC1039 (M34)

Seufert, Edward Roy

Testing and photometric calibration of the Fan Mt. 1 meter astrometric telescope CCD camera system

Wise, Michael Wayne

Charge transfer and X-ray emission from supernova remnants


Gelderman, Richard Fredrick

Kinematics and excitation of ionized gas in Markarian 1066

Graney, Christopher Marc

Optical coronal emission lines from astrophysical cooling flows

Plait, Philip Cary

The electron density profile of the planetary nebula NGC 6826

Dalton, William Wayne

A flux-limited treatment for the conductive evaporation of spherical interstellar gas clouds

Lindahl, Greg B.

Hydrodynamic instabilities in asymmetrical supernovae

Whitney, Jonathan Howard

Central overlap algorithms for the reduction of astrometric data

Albright, Geary Ellis

Circumstellar material in the Algol-type binary TX Ursae Majoris

Frayer, David Theodore

Abundance analysis and chemical evolution of blue compact dwarf galaxies

Huang, Zhen-Ping

A high resolution VLA study of compact radio sources in the starburst galaxy M82

Murphy, Edward Michael

The beam pattern of the NRAO 140-foot telescope at 1390 MHz

Spiker, Robert William

N-body simulations of spiral arm gas dynamics

D'Cruz, Noella Lambert

Expected emission from the hyperfine radio line of lithium-like 57Fe in cluster cooling flows

Dwarkadas, Vikram Vasant

Gasdynamical stability of shear flow in spiral arms of disk galaxies


Irwin, Jimmy Andrew

ROSAT X-ray observations of the 2A 0335+096 cluster of galaxies

Krzewina, Leo Gerard

Identification and analysis of large-scale structure using minimal spanning trees

Breen, Jeffrey Oliver

Excess soft X-ray absorption in cooling flow clusters

Ratliff, Mark Alan

Hydrodynamical simulations of H-alpha emission in Algol binaries

Master's theses were not required after the beginning of 1996. Published papers or a brief written summary of the student's research are now accepted in lieu of a formal thesis.

Ohl, Ray G. IV

Far-ultraviolet color gradients in early-type galaxies (1998 ApJ, 505, L11)

Richards, Eric A.

Faint radio sources and the microwave sky at 8.4 GHz

Wang, Chih-Yueh

Rosat observation of the elliptical galaxy NGC 1404 (in preparation)

Bauer, Franz E.

X-ray properties of the Abell 644 cluster of galaxies (2000, ApJ, 530, 222)

Palma, Christopher

The optical counterpart and megaparsec environment of the giant FR II radio galaxy NVSS 2146+82 (2000, AJ, 119, 2068)

Shah, Ronak Y.

Hot stars in cool clusters: UIT observations of NGC 362 and 47 Tucanae (1995 BAAS, 187, 8201)
UIT detection of hot stars in the globular cluster NGC 362 (1997 ApJ, 480, L31)

Siegel, Mike H.

Starcounts redivivus: a possible detection of the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy at b=-40 deg (1999 AJ, 117, 10)

Kempner, Joshua C.

Analysis of the Si IV Ultraviolet Spectra of U Sagittae (1999 ApJ, 512, 345)

Crane, Jeffrey D.

The X-ray spectrum of the early-type galaxy NGC 1395

Williamson, Ramon L. II

Determination of Proper Motions of Northern Weak-Metal Halo Stars Using the Two Epochs of the Palomar Sky Survey

Winters, Wayne

Properties of Local Hydrodynamic and Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in Differentially Rotating Systems


In the spring of 2000, the Master's degree awarded by the Astronomy Department was officially changed from a Master of Arts to a Master of Science.

Balsley, Jeffrey M.

Backwards Heat Transport in Stratified Disks

Freedman, Ian S.

Color Gradients of Elliptical Galaxies

Randall, Scott W.

Do Clusters of Galaxies Contribute to the Ionizing Background? (2001, ApJ, 548, 60)

Silverman, John D.

Jet/Gas Interaction in the Spatially Resolved Narrow Line Region of Markarian 78

Audano, Riccardo

Gamma-Ray Emission Analysis for Clusters of Galaxies

Bartlett, Jennifer L.

A Barnard's Star Perturbation Search Using McCormick Observatory Photographic Plate Material.

Vieira, Marianne T.

Energy Conservation in 2-D MHD Non-Radiative Accretion Flows

Frinchaboy, Peter M.

The Metallicity Distribution Function of Omega Centauri

Kohring, Megan W.

Mass Estimates of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies in N-Body Simulations of Colliding Disk Galaxies

Polak, Allyson A.

Exploring Galactic Structure with the Giant Grid Star Survey

Rosario, David J.

Jet-Gas Interactions in Markarian 78

Sohn, Sangmo

Investigation of Tidal Tails in the dSph Galaxy Leo I

Oishi, Jeff

One Dimensional Hydrodynamical Simulations of Cassiopeia A

Sivakoff, Gregory

Chandra Observations of Low Mass X-ray Binaries and Diffuse Gas in the Early-Type Galaxies NGC 4365 and NGC 4382 (M85)

Singhal, Alok

Detection of Atomic Hydrogen in Distant Galaxies in the Presence of Radar Interference

Kanneganti, Srikrishna

A Near-Infrared Camera-Spectrograph for the Fan Mountain Observatory: Optical Design and Fabrication

Park, Chan

A Near-Infrared Camera-Spectrograph for the Fan Mountain Observatory: Optical Design and Fabrication

Pope, Jennifer J.

Proper Motions of Brown Dwarfs Using WIRC/2MASS

Carlin, Jeffrey

Chandra Observations of Diffuse Gas and Point Sources in the Elliptical Galaxy NGC 533

Chatzikos, Marios

Chandra Observation of the Merging Cluster Abell 2065

Mellon, Richard


Muñoz, Ricardo

Exploring the Extended Structure of the Carina dSph

The list of theses was prepared by Christine Wiedman and Amanda Lynn Easter (Astronomy Library), and Mercedes Richards, Joshua Kempner, Peter Frinchaboy and Alok Singhal (Astronomy Department)