Project overview:

APOGEE Selected as an "SDSS-III" Project

The ARC Board of Governors has endorsed APOGEE (The Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment) as one of the four projects (collectively known as SDSS III) to be undertaken with the Sloan 2.5-m telescope at Apache Point Observatory after completion of "Second Generation Sloan Digital Sky Survey -- SDSS-II" operations in 2008. Led by UVa astronomers Steven Majewski (Principal Investigator) and Michael Skrutskie (Project Scientist) and seven other UVa astronomy faculty (Wilson, Indebetouw, Nelson, O'Connell, Patterson, Rood, Schiavon), APOGEE will construct a high-resolution, near-infrared multi-fiber spectrograph (to be built at UVa) for a detailed survey of the dynamics and chemistry of the Milky Way, especially at low Galactic latitudes (the disk, bulge and bar) where dust extinction makes such study impractical at optical wavelengths.