Fan Mountain NIR Camera

Project overview:
Graduate students Srikrishna Kanneganti and Chan Park have designed and built a state-of-the-art near-infrared camera for the Fan Mountain 31-inch telescope, a project funded by a grant from the NSF. The camera saw first light in the lab mid-December (first row of pictures below) and first light on the telescope in late December (third row of pictures below). It is now fully operational and observations on clear nights began in January 2005.

Built around a Hawaii-I 1024-square HgCdTe array, it includes a suite of astronomical filters and grisms to enable a broad range of research. Camera development was conducted in tandem with the renovation of the telescope control system on the Tinsley Laboratories built classical Cassegrain telescope, commissioned in the 1960's.

The instrument "specs" page is here. To read more about Fan Cam, see the attached detailed poster made by Chan and Sri. Click here to see images taken with FanCam.

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