Fan Mountain NIR Camera: Image Gallery

Project overview:
Fan Cam, commissioned in December 2004, is a near-infrared camera for the Fan Mountain 31-inch telescope, designed and built under a grant funded by NSF. The above image of M82 was taken by graduate students Srikrishna Kanneganti and Chan Park. It is a composite of J-band (blue), FeII (green) and Ks-band (red) images.

Fan Cam is currently being used to obtain observations of blue compact dwarf galaxies and Titan as well as several star forming regions. Below are three examples of such star forming regions: a JHKs-band composite image of the Orion Nebula region, a JHKs-band composite image of the Orion Molecular Cloud-2 region and an H-band image of the Monoceros R2 region where the inset is the 2MASS H-band image of the same region for comparison.

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