26-inch Upgrades

Recently the historic 26-inch (0.67 meter) refractor at Leander McCormick Observatory has undergone a series of upgrades to convert the telescope from a research instrument using photographic plates to a teaching and public outreach telescope capable of using CCDs for instruction. Projects in the upgrade include: a new tailpiece, a spectrograph, an ST-1001E and two ST-8s CCDs.

There has been a concurrent effort to preserve and restore the telescope and dome to an appearance more in keeping with the original appearance. This has involved the removal of the c. 1960 plywood and linoleum floor, the removal of paint from the wainscoting around the telescope pier. It has also included the designa nd installation of a new electronic control system for the telescope, which has allowed us to remove the c. 1963 relays, motors and conduits which significantly detracted from the appearance of the telescope itself.

Future Projects


Faculty and staff involved include:

Graduate students involved included: