Fan Mountain Observatory 31-inch Telescope Science

The 31" telescope and FanCam have been in constant use since the commissioning of FanCam. The projects being pursued here include:

  1. Observations of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies in Ks and Fe-II bands to search for structure in these intriguing objects.
  2. Astrometric observations of nearby Brown Dwarfs to obtain proper motions.
  3. Polarimetric measurements of HST Polarization Standards to calibrate FanCam, and to extend the polarization data on these stars to the Near-infrared wavelengths.
  4. Long-term observations of Saturn's moon Titan to study the atmosphere and climate of Saturn's largest moon.
  5. Observations of Saturn's rings over a month-long period around 13 Jan 2005, when saturn was at its closest to opposition for the next 45 years, to help understand the opposition effect of the rings.