FOBOS Optical Fiber

Vendor: Polymicro Technologies
Purchase date: 23 November 1999
Purchase price: $ 1768.00 for 340 meters

Product Descriptor FIP200220240 (STU)
Core Low OH Silica, 200 ± 8 um diameter
Cladding Doped silica, ~20 um thickness
Buffer Polyimide, ~20 um thickness
0.22 ± 0.02
Cone (Full)
-65 ±C to +300 ±C
* The information in this table, as well as the images, were taken
from "The Book on the technologies of Polymicro".

The following plot shows transmission through a 100m length of STU fiber taken originially from:
    Lu, G., Schötz,G.F., Vydra,J., & Fabricant, D. 1998, in SPIE proceedings V3355, Optical Astronomical Instrumentation, 884
Transmission through 100 meters
Additional information about this fiber can be found in:
    Schötz,G.F., & Lu,G. 1998, in ASP Conf. Ser. 152, Fiber Optics in Astronomy III, ed. Arribas,S., Mediavilla,E., & Watson,F. (San Francisco: ASP),20