FOBOS Optical Table

Vendor: Coherent, Auburn Group
Purchase date: January 2000
Purchase price: $ 2981.00

Width, Length 1200, 1500 mm
Thickness 100 mm
Weight 252 kg
Top plate 5 mm thick ferro-magnetic stainless steel
Flatness ±0.13 mm end to end
±0.10 mm over 1 meter²
Mounting Holes M6 on 25 mm centers
Top Plate Seal Plastic cups under holes, hermetically sealed
Honeycomb Material Corrosion resistant steel hexagonal section, 13 mm² cell size
Core Density 300 kg/m³
Core Shear Modulus 19,300 kg/cm²
Bonding Material High strength aerospace grade epoxy resin
Damping Rigid binding and proprietary mass damping devices
Bottom Plate 5 mm thick ferro-magnetic stainless steel
Side Walls 2 mm thick steel, backed by stiff damping panels
* The information in this table, as well as the images, were taken
from the Coherent Auburn Group 1998/99 catalog.