Here is a movie of the 2009 outburst of the black hole candidate H1743-322, as seen by the VLBA at 8.4 GHz, together with the X-ray power density spectrum (PDS) as seen by RXTE. For the first three days of the movie (May 28 to June 2), the radio images show only the compact core jet, and we see Type C quasi-periodic oscillations (QPOs) in the X-ray PDS. By June 5, the QPOs have disappeared, and we see the appearance of an ejected radio knot in the eastern jet, followed on June 6 by a second knot moving in the western jet. We can track these knots back in time to derive an ejection date around June 3. This allows us to connect the ejection of the transient jet knots with the prevailing conditions in the accretion disc at the time, showing that the jet was launched at approximately the same time as the QPOs disappeared.

The white cross marks the position of the compact core jet determined from the first three epochs of observation. Colour scale runs from -1 to 4 mJy/beam. Lowest contour is at 0.85 mJy/beam, increasing in steps of sqrt(2). At 8.5 kpc (Steiner et al. 2012), 10mas corresponds to 85 AU.

Animation of the mid-2009 outburst of H1743-322