JACPOT XRB is a Target of Opportunity project, to be triggered by a detection of an outburst with an X-ray satellite (RXTE, SWIFT, INTEGRAL or MAXI), or, for the white dwarf system, on an AAVSO alert. On receipt of an alert, we will immediately begin monitoring with the VLA (northern hemisphere) or ATCA (southern hemisphere), and on detection of radio emission, the VLBA (nothern hemisphere) or LBA (southern hemisphere) will begin its monitoring campaign.

In 2009-2010, we monitored a white dwarf (SS Cyg), a neutron star (Aql X-1), and a black hole (H1743-322). In 2010-2011, we monitored a black hole system (MAXI J1836-194), as our target neutron star proved (4U 1820-30) too faint for VLBA monitoring. For the 2012-2013 campaign, we triggered VLA observations of a black hole system (Swift J1745-26); however, high telescope demand prevented VLBA monitoring. We are currently allocated time to monitor a black hole source in the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere during 2013-2014.

2013-2014 Southern Black Hole Status:
JACPOT-South potentially to be triggered on Aug 2013 Flare of GX 339-4

  • 02-Aug-2013: SMARTS detects optical brightening of the black hole X-ray binary GX339-4 (Buxton et al., ATel 5244).
  • 06-Aug-2013: Swift XRT confirms GX 339-4 is in outburst and the hard state (Pawar et al., ATel 5252).

Observing Details

  • 02-Aug-2013: Daily VIJHK montitoring with SMARTS (Buxton et al.)
  • 06-Aug-2013 03:25-03:45: Scheduled Swift XRT (32490:12)
  • 07-Aug-2013 10:03-10:22: Scheduled Swift XRT (32898:1)
  • 08-Aug-2013 00:16-00:46: Scheduled Swift XRT (32490:13)
  • 09-Aug-2013 18:00-18:19: Scheduled Swift XRT (32490:2)
  • 10-Aug-2013 22:52-23:11: Scheduled Swift XRT (32898:14)
  • 11-Aug-2013 21:13-21:31: Scheduled Swift XRT (32490:3)
  • 12-Aug-2013 00:34-00:53: Scheduled Swift XRT (32898:15)
  • 12-Aug-2013 09:30-10:30: Scheduled ATCA (C2538)
  • 13-Aug-2013 21:15-21:33: Scheduled Swift XRT (32490:4)
  • 14-Aug-2013 22:55-23:13: Scheduled Swift XRT (32898:16)
  • 15-Aug-2013 - 16-Aug-2013: Daily Swift XRT monitoring
  • 12-Aug-2013 09:30-10:30: Scheduled ATCA (C2538)
  • 16-Aug-2013 00:00-10:00: Potential LBA (V447)
  • > 20-Aug-2013: Potential Suzaku observations

Preliminary Multi-wavelength lightcures:
Multi-wavelength LightCurves
A variety of X-ray & optical measurements of source activity. We plot Swift/BAT X-ray data in the top panel. In the second panel we plot the unabsorbed flux (0.3-10 keV) as measured by Swift/XRT assuming the power-law index in the third panel from the same data. The fourth panel contains the MAXI X-ray data in the 2-4 keV and 4-10 keV vands. Finally We plot optical/near-IR monitoring, provided by
Buxton et al., in the top panel. When radio data is analysed or scheduled, we will display either the result or the times of any ATCA/LBA observations we have planned or have already been taken. IN all but the first panel we plot scaled versions of the Swift/BAT data, where linear scaling was set on 2013 Aug 08.

2013-2014 Northern Black Hole Status:

2012-2013 Statuses:
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2010-2011 Statuses:
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2009-2010 Statuses:
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