AST 554 - Extragalactic Astronomy II

  • Possible Topics for Short, 10-Minute Talks:

    This is a list of potential topics for the class talks. Because the talks are so brief, you should select a recent paper that addresses some issue related to these topics, and present a summary talk that includes the motivation for the research and the importance of the paper. It is very important that you state how this research fits into the "big picture".

    Please feel free to select a topic other than those mentioned below.

  • Silicate emission from ULIRGs/AGN hosts (Whelan)
  • Compact groups (Walker, day 2)
  • Submillimeter galaxies (Wong)
  • Cold neutral gas medium (Dirienzo, day 2)
  • the formation of Bars and Warps in spiral galaxies
  • the distribution of the warm and cold neutral gas (HI) medium in the Galaxy
  • Mass determinations from gravitational lensing
  • computer simulations of the evolution of clusters of galaxies
  • numerical simulations of stellar systems: N-body, Fourier method, SPH... (Zhao, day 1)
  • Lyman alpha absorption line clouds
  • Dwarf satellite galaxy in Sagittarius
  • Metallicities in Elliptical galaxies
  • the HST key project on quasar hosts
  • the HST key project on the extragalactic distance scale
  • Hubble Deep Fields (optical, IR, submillimeter, X-ray)
  • the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect and the extragalactic distance scale
  • Dynamics of the Local Group
  • Photometric redshifts
  • the MACHO project
  • the origin of globular clusters
  • surface brightness fluctuations and the extragalactic distance scale
  • supernovae and the extragalactic distance scale
  • Small companions of Andromeda
  • Galaxy collisions

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