Useful Links

  • Journals

    The Astrophysical Journal
    The Astronomical Journal
    New Astronomy
  • Preprint and Paper Servers

    ADS Author Query
  • Databases

    Nasa Extragalactic Database
    Digitized Sky Surveys
    Atlas of Radio Galaxy Maps
    Westerbrock Observations of Neutral Hydrogen in Irregular & Spiral Galaxies
    NVSS Postage Stamp Server
    USNO-A2.0 Catalog
  • Telescopes

    NRAO Facilities
    Hubble Space Telescope
    Spitzer Space Telescope
    Chandra X-ray Observatory
    Herschel Space Observatory
  • Astronomy Talks at UVA/NRAO

    UVA/NRAO Colloquium Schedule
    UVA/NRAO Tuna Talk Schedule
    Observatory Public Night Schedule

  • Societies

    American Astronomical Society
  • Meetings

    International Astronomy Meeting List
  • Misc.

    AASTeX Package for Manuscript Preparation

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