If you want to install AASTeX (version 5.2) on an RPM-based system, you can use the ones I have made. I used the guidelines on the teTeXrpm website to create these RPMs. You can download:

The binary RPMs were created on a Fedora Core system, but since it is just a bunch of (non-executable) files, they should work on any linux distribution that uses teTeX. You do not necessarily need to have teTeXrpm installed in order to install the AASTeX RPM either. The only requirement is that you have tetex-latex package installed.

In order to compile and install the spec file, you will need aastex.zip from CTAN, and then do something like:

rpmbuild -bb tetex-aastex.spec
rpm -ivh <rpm_directory>/noarch/tetex-aastex-5.2-0.noarch.rpm

The above files work on my laptop. They should work on any RPM based system that uses teTeX, but YMMV. If you have a question, comment, suggestion or a bug report, you can email me.

Last modified: Thu, 14 Jun 2007 14:49:03 -0400