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Construction Drawings

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Design Drawings

These are in most cases the final versions of the design drawings. Some details may still be wrong, and some further changes were made, as noted. The dxf format can be imported into most CAD programs.


  • List of Fasteners:  fst.pdf
  • McMaster-Carr Fasteners:  CAD Drawings (dxf)
  • Captive Screw Assembly (filter wheel module):
    Mfg: Southco 53-18-606-24
    polished, spring-ejected series, 6-32 thread
    Vendor: Bisco Industries
    Catalog Info (pdf)
    CAD Drawings (dxf, pdf)

As-Built Drawings

These were scanned from the design drawings as marked up by the machinist during construction. Early versions of some parts are included with changes noted. It is possible that some details may still be missing or inaccurate.

Last modified: Nov 15, 2012
David McDavid