Fan Mountain All-Sky Camera

In order to improve our ability to evaluate astronomical observing conditions, we have installed an all-sky camera at the Fan. Mt. Observatory. Our all-sky camera is an A273 produced by the Santa Barbara Instrument Group, and is controlled by the software 'NightView' developed at the Monte Boo observatory. The camera projects the entire hemisphere of the sky onto the image in a circular image format that you see below. North is at the top of the image, and East is to the left.

The all-sky camera is a fully automated instrument atop the station house on Fan Mountain. It takes pictures about every 4 minutes throughout the night. The Camera will run from about one hour after sunset till about one hour before sunrise everynight. The schedule for camera operation is given here.

The pictures at the bottom of the page are uploaded live during operation, but when accessing this page at other times, you will see the last update from the previous night. On the night of November 9, 2004, aurorae were seen as far south as Central Virginia and were captured by the all-sky camera. Another sample movie is also available, in which the Milky Way is visible.

The image below is an animation of the latest 8 frames, about 4 minutes apart.

The image below is an animation of the difference of successive consecutive images shown on the left.