For two summers ('07 and '08), I was an instructor for my Department's Introduction to Sky & Solar System astronomy course taken by both majors and non-majors. The course focuses on the concepts of the celestial sphere, phases of the Moon, seasons, and motions of bodies in our Solar System. There is also a survey aspect of the course, which highlights how our knowledge of processes on Earth has helped to reveal the history of processes that have taken place on other planets, as well as what we have learned from space missions. Key physics concepts of radiation, tides, and telescope optics are also covered.

I am also very dedicated to public outreach activities at the Leander McCormick and Fan Mtn. Observatories, and I was also heavily involved with outreach and education activities while an undergraduate student at Penn State from 2001-2006. I have given several public lectures at public night sky observing events, and I have also been involved with undergraduate/graduate student training in the use of GPS-enabled telescopes and digital imaging equipment. I have also volunteered for primary school education events and teacher workshops.


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