Exploring Halo Substructure

Exploring Halo Substructure

k by Russell Kightley


The Exploring the Halo group includes:

Steve Majewski Virginia (email)
Ricky Patterson Virginia (email)
Bill Kunkel Las Campanas (email)
Kathryn Johnston Wesleyan (email)
Helio Rocha-Pinto (email) UFRJ faculty
Jeff Crane (email) Carnegie Postdoc
Peter Frinchaboy (email) UVa Graduate Student
Allyson Polak (email) UVa Graduate Student
Ricardo Muñoz (email) UVa Graduate Student
Jeff Carlin (email) UVa Graduate Student
Mei-Yin Chou (email) UVa Graduate Student
David Nidever (email) UVa Graduate Student
Joleen Miller (email) UVa Graduate Student
Christina Hampton (email) UVa Data Analyst
Rachael Beaton (email)UVa Undergraduate Student
Clara Moskowitz (email) Wesleyan Undergraduate Student
Dana Dinescu (email) Yale Research Scientist
Chris Palma (email) PSU Lecturer and Outreach Fellow
Mike Siegel (email) UT Austin Postdoc
Jamie Ostheimer (email) UVa PhD
Tony Sohn (email) Korean ASI
Kyle Westfall (email) Wisconsin Graduate Student
Cathy Slesnick (email) CalTech Graduate Student
David Law (email) CalTech Graduate Student
Cameron Hummels (email) Wesleyan Graduate Student

UVa ``Exploring the Halo'' group - 2005

Last updated 06 Nov 2005