John C. Wilson, Senior Scientist

Phone: (434) 924-4907
Fax: (434) 924-3104
Office: 255 Astronomy Building
   Department of Astronomy
   PO Box 400325
   Charlottesville, VA 22904-4325


Curriculum Vitae

B.S. Systems Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy, 1987
M.S. Applied Physics, Cornell University, 1998
Ph.D. Applied Physics, Cornell University, 2002

Senior Scientist, University of Virginia

Previous Positions:
Palomar Instrumentation Postdoc, Astronomy Department, Cornell University, 2001-2002

My primary research interests are infrared astronomy and instrumentation. I am a staff member in the Astronomy Department's infrared instrumentation group led by Professor Mike Skrutskie.

Instrumentation Projects

APOGEE An R~25000 fiber-fed narrow-band near-infrared multi-object spectrograph for the Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiment (APOGEE) survey as part of SDSS-III on the Sloan Telescope at Apache Point Observatory.
LMIRCam A 3-5 micron camera (and low resolution spectrograph with future grisms) to image the combined focus of the Large Binocular Telescope at Mount Graham, Arizona.
TripleSpec An R~3500 cross-dispersed near-infrared facility spectrograph for Apache Point Observatory. Three near-identical copies have been made through a collaboration of Cornell Univ, JPL, Caltech and the Univ of Virginia. We are working with Cornell to develop a fourth copy for NOAO.
WIRC A Wide-Field Infrared Camera for the Palomar 200-inch Telescope.
CorMASS An R~300 cross-dispersed near-infrared spectrograph visiting instrument

Selected Recent Papers

Development of a large mosaic volume phase holographic (VPH) grating for APOGEE, J. Arns, J.C. Wilson, M. Skrutskie, S. Smee, R. Barkouser, D. Eisenstein, J. Gunn, F. Hearty, A. Harding, P. Maseman, J. Holtzman, R. Schiavon, B. Gillespie & S. Majewski, 2010, SPIE, 7739 abstract

Semiconductor fabrication techniques for producing an ultra-flat reflective slit, T.E. Vandervelde, M.J. Cabral, J. Wilson & M. Skrutskie, in Optomechanical Technologies for Astronomy, eds E. Attad-Ettedgui, J. Antebi and D. Lemke, 2006, SPIE, 6273 abstract

Discovery of a Young Substellar Companion in Chamaeleon, K.L. Luhman, J.C. Wilson, W. Brandner, M.F. Skrutskie, M.J. Nelson, J.D. Smith, D.E. Peterson, M.C. Cushing & E. Young, 2006, ApJ, 649, 894 abstract

A Spitzer Infrared Spectrograph Spectral Sequence of M, L, and T Dwarfs, M.C. Cushing, T.L. Roellig, M.S. Marley, D. Saumon, S.K. Leggett, J.D. Kirkpatrick, J.C. Wilson, G.C. Sloan, A.K. Mainzer, J.E. VanCleve & J.R. Houck, 2006, ApJ, 648, 614 abstract

Spectrum of a Habitable World: Earthsine in the Near-Infrared, M.C. Turnbull, W.A. Traub, K.W. Jucks, N.J. Woolf, M.R. Meyer, N. Gorlova, M.F. Skrutskie & J.C. Wilson, 2006, ApJ, 644, 551 abstract

Near-infrared spectra of the leading and trailing hemispheres of Enceladus A.J. Verbiscer, D.E. Peterson, M.F. Skrutskie, M. Cushing, P. Helfenstein, M.J. Nelson, J.D. Smith & J.C. Wilson, 2006, Icarus, 182, 211 abstract

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