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University of Virginia
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Public Outreach

Inside the planetarium at the 3rd Annual Central Virginia Star Party (August 2013). Photo by Guillermo Damke.


Read more about DSBK in my recent article in Mercury Magazine of ASP

AAS Astronomy Ambassador

I am among the first members of the AAS Astronomy Ambassador program, established to form an outreach community among early career astronomers. It started with a workshop at the 221st AAS meeting in Long Beach in January 2013 and will remain an active network of outreach enthusiasts and resources.

Dark Skies, Bright Kids (DSBK)

DSBK is a non-profit public outreach group developed by Dr. Kelsey Johnson to bring astronomy to elementary schools throughout Virginia. We run a weekly after-school program each semester at an elementary school in Albemarle County, as well as hosting one-offs at additional schools and a yearly star party. We are also are in the process of publishing a bilingual childrens art book and our activity plans directed towards Virginia Standards of Learning. We are entirely based on volunteers and are very enthusiastic about working with kids.

Please check out our website!

Public Nights for the Department of Astronomy

I volunteer, along with many other graduate students, to help run public nights at our local observatories:

Fan Mountain - Public nights are offered bi-annually (one in the fall, one in the spring) and feature tours of the observatory.

McCormick Observatory - Public nights are hosted on the first and third Friday of every month. We offer telescope viewing on clear nights and several astronomers available to answer questions.