Kimberly Sokal

Department of Astronomy
P.O. Box 400325
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4325
(434) 924-7935
krs9tb [at] virginia [dot] edu

Undergraduate research

work at the University of Colorado

The first X-ray detected WO (oxygen-type Wolf-Rayet) star WR 142. Chandra ACIS-I spectra of WR 142 and OB stars for comparison, see Sokal et al. 2010.

You can see where I got interested in massive stars. As an undergraduate, I specialized in star formation and Wolf-Rayet stars and worked with Dr. Stephen Skinner at CASA (Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy). Here is a quick list of some of the things we did:

  • X-ray survey of single WR stars, including a Chandra ACIS observation of the rare oxygen type Wolf-Rayet star WR 142.
  • X-ray and infrared studies of the cluster NGC 2071 using an Chandra ACIS observation, archive Spitzer data, and an upcoming MMT observation.
  • Analysis of X-ray emission from FU Orionis stars using data obtained with XMM-Newton , including V1735 Cyg.
  • X-ray observations of Sigma Ori. This research uses data from Chandra ACIS-S/HETG (High Energy Transmission Grating).
  • Spitzer observations of the massive protostar IRAS 20126+4104 and its shocked outflow using IRAC images.
  • Multiwavelength investigations of the young cluster NGC 6193, focused on Spitzer IRAC and MIPS data, with some comparisons to the 2Mass database and images from Chandra and Pico dos Dios.